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At Truly Lawn, we’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional lawn care and pest control services that ensure your outdoor space is both beautiful and functional. Here’s an overview of the specialized services we offer to homeowners across Massachusetts:

Tree and Shrub Care

7-Step Customized Program is set up for your landscape consisting of Deep Root Feeding, Dormant Oil Treatments, Insect and Disease Controls for your Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. Our on staff arborist is available to anyone that has a program with us for free a consultation and Tree and shrub evaluation.

Surface Insect Control

Outbreak of chinch bugs, sod webworm require a separate curative treatment.

Perimeter Pest Control

Invasion of the multi-legged kind: Protect your home from invading, insects: ants, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, pantry pests and many more.

Our 7-Step Customized Program provides a barrier to insects before the can enter your home. We will apply a control product in a band 3-4 feet around the house perimeter, and up to 2 feet up on the foundation wall. The treatments will reduce pests without the use of pest controls indoors, and will avoid the need to schedule an appointment for a service to come inside to treat.

Core Aeration

During this process we create small holes (2-3 inches deep) in the turf which loosens compacted soil and allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root system.

Grub Control

Included as a preventative measure. Active infestations may require a curative treatment.

Balanced Slow Release Fertilizer

Helps promote deeper root development and is more environmentally friendly than a traditional fertilizer that shocks the lawn.

Lime Application

Will help balance the soil pH and neutralize acidic soil.

Mosquito and Tick Control

Enjoy your outdoor space without the nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks with Truly Lawn’s Mosquito and Tick Control Service. Our expert technicians provide targeted treatments using environmentally friendly products to reduce mosquito and tick populations. We offer regular follow-up treatments for ongoing protection and provide tips to minimize breeding sites around your property. Protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases and tick-borne illnesses with our effective and safe pest control solutions. Contact Truly Lawn today for a mosquito and tick-free lawn!


During this process we plant new seed that helps to thicken turf density and fill in thin or bare areas in the lawn.


helps the lawn recover from winter injury, allowing a faster green up.

All Weed Control (weeds need to be present)

When soil temperatures increase, crabgrass begins to germinate and the weeds start to proliferate the lawn. We include both a pre and post emergent crabgrass control and weed control to help combat these infestations.


As the edges of the property along roads, driveways, walkways and gardens are manicured they do promote areas for crabgrass to re infest. We include treating these areas as part of our Truly Lawn program. Weeds and Crabgrass in other areas of the lawn are treated as needed.

Water Saver

Maximizes water resources and allows the lawn to endure prolonged periods of minimal watering. Water saver also helps enhance the nutrient and water uptake.

Fungicide Treatment

Snow Mold, Red Thread outbreak will require a separate curative treatment.

Liquid Aeration
Liquid Aeration is designed to create space in the soil, increase water penetration, and encourage deeper rooting to drive more oxygen into the topsoil profile.
Perimeter Pest Control
Monthly treatments to create a barrier around your home and stop spiders, ants, silverfish and other pests from getting in.

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