Lawn Care Procrastination this Fall is the assassin of a beautiful Lawn Next Spring; Here’s Why.

Lawn Care Procrastination this Fall is the assassin of a beautiful Lawn Next Spring; Here’s Why.Did you know that Core Aeration is the single best mechanical practice for building a healthier and greener lawn?  Throw some high quality seed into this practice and you will be praising your lawn smarts later next spring (even as early as this Fall) as you relish in the genius of your vision sipping an iced tea on your mini fenway park. 

What is Core Aeration? 
This is not a hair procedure even though it might sound like one. Lawn Aeration is performed by using a machine consisting of dozens of steel plugs called a core aerator which plugs cylindrical holes into in your lawn every few inches.  If you have ever golfed you will surely have seen these holes which can easily be mistaken as goose droppings as they bare a similar resemblance.

How does Aeration Benefit the health of your lawn? 
The benefits of plugging holes in your lawn may sound counter intuitive to you or even a bit insane but please trust our 20 years of lawn experience when we say  that these holes literally breathe life into your lawn again.  In fact, we have brought many lawns that are on life support and even some that have experience multiple near death experiences back to life with this miracle practice.

Soil Compaction:
 Over time your lawn’s soil becomes compacted due to foot traffic (human and animal)  lawn mowing and even naturally due to all that mother nature has to offer such as heat and rainfall.  Core Aeration alleviates soil compaction which in-turn removes the stress from your lawn’s soil and enables it to “breath” again.

Root Density and Weeds:
Core Aeration literally breaks up the deep roots of your lawn which then provides it more space below the surface in order for for those roots to grow and expand thus strengthening its root system.  Aeration also breaks up existing weeds that are actively choking out your existing lawn through taking up space, sunlight, nutrients and water. 

Water, Oxygen and Nutrients:
  Once your lawn’s soil is opened up it can then better absorb water from rainfall and irrigation in order to feed the most important and deepest parts of your lawn’s root system.  This also applies to oxygen and sunlight.  Just like a human body, the more access your lawn has to its deepest parts the more it will thrive.  Lastly, aeration helps your lawn better absorb vital nutrients from fertilizer and other feeding products administered to it.

Kill Two Birds with Smart Seeding: 
Overseeding in the Fall is a no brainer.  Overseeding Immediately after you Aerate is just plain smart.  Since aeration literally opens up your lawn’s soil like a car hood, with all of that aggravated and exposed soil the hard part is done and dressing it with a premium blend seed will send your lawn to rockstar status of the lawn world.  Despite conventional wisdom that says seeding in the spring is the perfect time, The Fall is in fact the perfect time.  Why you Ask?  Warm sunny days, cool damp nights, the fertile crescent of the lawn world.  The icing on the cake? As the weeds are dying off from cold Fall Weather that cool weather grass seed we plant is thriving with no competition from ugly weeds and problem grasses.

Getting Started:
 Many prior to reading this didn’t even know what an aerator was or where to find one; not to mention how to use one.  It isn’t rocket science, however determining the category you best fit into below might just be.  Either way we are happy to help you discuss this matter, in fact its what we love to do the most at smartlawn, let’s be honest, we don’t do it for the green cash, we do it for the green lawns.

For the Weekend Warrior Lawn Owners:
If you are feeling extra ambitious in tackling this project on your own, our SmartLawn hats go off to you.  As a reminder, we are always here for you if you get stuck or lost along the way.  We can coach you through the process as we have much respect for “do it yourselfers”.  We are just a phone call away.

For Our Customers or Soon to be Customers: 
who understand the economics of the service economy  or don’t find any joy in lawn work and just want a greener and healthier lawn without the headaches or hard work associated with a green lawn:   Well, we are very grateful that you exist or else we would all be out of work at SmartLawn.  The only effort we need from you is a phone call or email (the earlier the better) requesting this service from us and we will have a team of professionals out on your lawn early this Fall in order to perfectly time Aeration and seeding so your lawn can reap all of the benefits.

For those Reading this who don’t have a Lawn:
  Kind of weird that you are reading this but we appreciate your passion and we can first educate you on what a lawn is and how to build one if you are seriously interested.  If you are reading this with no intention of ever having a lawn we can’t help you at all but we can certainly refer you to an excellent psychiatrist.

Truly Lawn; Who we are.  All our customers really need to know is that Truly Lawn is comprised of a group of very hard working, honest and experienced lawn care professionals with 20 years under our belts in caring for New England Lawns.  We love your lawn even when you don’t.

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